Starter (and Stayer) Steps

A couple of years ago I attended Mobile Health 2012 and started thinking concretely about how I wanted to share information about exercise and nutrition. I was excited by BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits approach, a good general framework for doing something that I’d always done naturally when I’d needed to tune up my lifestyle: start small — real small.

I toyed with micro-blogging at Tumblr about “30-second commitment” activities, and then got more heavily involved in a fitness community and in specific goals that don’t fit the 30-seconds-or-less model at all. I shifted my micro-blogging to, a wonderful image-sharing service that will, unfortunately, be shuttering in September. So now I have a collection of posts that need a new home, and I’ll be adding them over time to Starter Steps, along with more comments on those posts and the bits and pieces I’m continuing to collect.

Please take a look!

July Update: Mlkshk is staying alive! I am keeping my stream of fitness items there, too, at Ad Hoc Magazine. Please visit for funny or thought-provoking pictures, some with comments and conversation. And consider joining Mlkshk! It’s a wonderful place to store and share images.

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