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I’ve been having a good time working on my health blog, Starter Steps. I started it at Tumblr, because I already had a blog there about overlapping issues, and I am mirroring the posts using WordPress, because it can be easier to use for the reader.

As I’ve talked to people about exercise and eating, I’ve heard about a lot of different struggles — getting good information, fitting better habits into their schedules, trying to do the right things without doing the wrong things. “Eat less,” “move more,” and “just do it” are fine as guiding principles, but people need more specific details to put them in practice, and what works well for one person can be a total disaster for someone else.

This is my philosophy:

  • The best way to make a positive change in habit is to make adjustments in your environment that make it easier to do the desired behavior.
  • Willpower is great but can be exhausted; it’s best reserved for unpleasant stuff.
  • Exercise and good basic nutrition are too important to make them unpleasant.

Posts on Starter Steps appear in the following categories:

  • Eating: Strategies and tips around eating patterns, information about diets, nutrition
  • Exercise: Strategies and tips around getting and staying active, what to expect in a gym, some skills information about particular exercises
  • Food: Information about foods, strategies for handling food, cooking tips
  • Fun: Comics and other fun approaches to food and exercise
  • Habits: Getting them, keeping them, information about how the brain helps (or not)
  • Mindset: Why are we doing any of this, whatever “this” is — getting beyond “inspiration” soundbites
  • Skills: Information about accounting for what you eat and about exercise burn, ideas and frameworks for incorporating new habits, how-to info

If you like Starter Steps or know someone who might, I’d love it if you shared the link!

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