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Mayor Emanuel

Rahm made a great showing in Chicago for the mayoral race, both in real life and in … not-so-real life. Read Snarkmarket’s roundup on the election-runup activity from one of the funniest Twitter parody accounts around.

UPDATE: @MayorEmanuel revealed by Alexis Madrigal! Madrigal drew out the mind behind the Twitter stream, and gives lots of great backstory detail.

High Tea

The Wellcome Collection has introduced an online game called High Tea. You obtain opium in India and smuggle it into China, where you trade it for silver to buy tea. Millions in England are counting on you!

It’s not all that easy to play! Also, I really want a cup of tea now.

The High Society exhibition also offers a quiz, an image gallery, information about drug use in Victorian England, a companion book, and related reading.